1. Know your customer:

Add a face to each and every transaction in your store. Get to know your customers spending habit and more.

• Monitor all transactions,
• View full reporting,
• Run Incentives for staff,
• Run targeted Survey questionnaires on each transaction
• Convert shoppers to with frequent shoppers.

2. Get Access to our Members:

• Our Members are economically active & earn an income.
• All Mahala members have access to your deal on the platform.
• Customers are blurred for choice, Mahala channels them to you.
• Free marketing to a dedicated audience.
• We already have permission to talk to our members (POPI compliant).
• Track monthly report keeping of all transactions (options available).

3. Speak to a Captive Audience:

Meet Rachel, an Admin Clerk (age 30)
Nett Income: R7 500
Disposable Income: R1 800
Rachel represents 30% of our member base

Meet Jabu, an Municipal Worker (age 34)
Nett Income: R15 000
Disposable Income: R3 300
Jabu represents 32% of our member base

Meet Sandra, a General Administrator (age 28)
Nett Income: R25 000
Disposable Income: R4 300
Sandra represents 21% of our member base

Meet Lerato, an Accountant (age 40)
Nett Income: R75 500
Disposable Income: R14 500
Lerato represents 5% of our member base

4. CRM Management:

1. Free marketing across Mahala member base (800 000+ nationally).
2. Full reporting on all transactions.
3. Request campaign functionality available (SMS/Mail/Social Marketing).
4. Return business & loyal customers.
5. Mahala value offering free for staff & your loyal customers.
6. Co-Branding options available.
7. Mobile or loyalty card options available.
8. Survey / feedback from customers.
9. Dedicated call centre to answer customer queries.
10. Captive audience (Popi compliant).