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Retailer with MARKETING only

IT IS TIME. Let your business BLAST OFF!

Affordable, Marketing Solution only R250 - R450 pm.
Access to 2 Million Clients, eager to spend. Mobile driven solutions that can be activated within 24 hours.
Digital platform, fast track to the future of retailer and client interaction



TARGETED Campaigns,
We only talk to the relevant members, no more shotgun approach:
- Newsletters

- SMS Campaigns                                   
- Email Campaigns                                         
- Magazine Ads
- Social media
- Online Advertising

All administration:
We do all the work!

Cost savings:
Professionally designed campaigns through digital platforms, no more microsoft word printouts/flyers!

Monthly transactions / feedback surveys.Know your customer.

Mahala’s 2 Million Members breakdown


1. Reward Spend!
Platform that rewards your loyal customers with points.
Points have a monetary value that your customers can
spend at your store.

2. Collect Data:
Building a CRM database of all your customers with approval to
communicate with them (taking the POPI Act into consideration).

3. Choice! Manual or digital?
Our platform provides your customers with the option of a physical card
or digital mobile solution in order to use the benefits.

4. Become the Store of Choice!
Customers will adopt their spending behaviour to where it is worth their while.
Retain rather than finding new customers.

5. Affordable Solutions!
No set-up fees, POS devices costs or Integration charges.
Only an affordable monthly fee (from as little as R199 pm)

The store provides the rebate allocated to the customer. The rebate is what
attracts the customer and should be taken into consideration when determining
your product / service pricing.

6. Loyalty Architecture:
Tiering according to customer participation within the programme available.

It is up to you how you want to reward your TOP Clients.

7. Know your customers!
Platform includes feedback / survey capabilities where the participating store
can adjust their quarterly feedback questions and view live data via mobile.

8. No in-store integration required:
Platform is driven through web and mobile
- Mobi-site, Mobile-App and USSD Platform

9. Data analytics:
Data reports include:
• Client Database • Member Enrollment
• Frequency of spend • Top 10 Customers, etc.

10. Communication Platform:
• Fax to e-mail (Earn Points) - Free
• SMS portal (MMS / SMS) - Add. Charge
• E-mail Campaigns - Add. Charge
• Web Development / updates - Add. Charge