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Funeral Cover: R10 000 R25 000 R50 000*
Member: (18 - 64) R10 000 R25 000 R50 000
Partner (18 - 64) R10 000 R25 000 R50 000
Child (14 - 20) R10 000 R25 000 R50 000
Child (6 - 13)** R5 000 R12 500 R25 000
Child (1 - 5)** R2 500 R6 250 R10 000
Child (Birth - 11 months)** R1 250 R3 125 R6 250
Stillborn (Foetus past 28 weeks)** R1 250 R3 125 R6 250
Body Repatriation YES YES YES
Retrenchment Benefit YES YES YES
Premium Holiday YES YES YES
Premium Care Benefit YES YES YES
Vehicle Access Benefit ® YES YES YES
Mahala Loyalty Programme YES YES YES
Monthly Fee R99.00 R179.00 R325.00

 Body Repatriation (Member, Partner and Eligible Children only)
If an Insured person's death happened more than 100km's from the place of burial, Hollard Life will contribute 
up to R7 500 per incident. Hollard will give a maximum annual limit of R20 000, towards the cost of transporting 
the mortal remains to a funeral home nearest the place of burial.

  Retrenchment Benefit (Member only)
In the event of the Member undergoing retrenchment through formal retrenchment procedure, this benefit 
provides a premium waiver for a period of three (3) months during which all benefits will remain active but no 
premiums are payable, i.e. the premiums due are waived for a period of three (3) months following the last 
premium received. The member must notify TBFS within 60 (sixty) days from the effective date of the 
member's retrenchment. 

  Premium Holiday (Policy Benefit)
This benefit allows the Member one month in the year where no premium/fee will be collected. Normal 
premiums/fees collection will continue from the month directly following the 'premium holiday' month. 
The selected month (either December or January) chosen for the specific company will be applied to 
all Members joining the specific company.

   Premium Care Benefit (Policy Benefit)
Premium Waiver Benefit:

In the event of a Member's death before he/she reaches the age of 65, no funeral package premiums will 
be required for the remaining immediate family who have been on the policy 6 months or longer before the 
Member's death. This benefit ceases on the Member's 65th birthday whether utilized or not.
Cash Back Benefit:
The Cash-back Bonus Benefit will be payable at the end of every 5-year period on the anniversary of the 
start date subject to the confirmation of 60 consecutive premiums received and the policy being active for 
60 consecutive months. The Member will receive 20% of all premiums paid (less any policy fees) back 
after this five year period.

  Vehicle Access Benefit   (Member, Partner and Eligible Children only)
In the event of an insured person's death, the surviving family is provided with an Avis Car Rental for a period 
of 3 days - unlimited mileage, Category C vehicle (Aircon, Powersteering, Airbags, ABS etc.) This benefit must 
be claimed  within six (6) months from the date of death.

  Mahala Loyalty Programme (People covered on Family Plan Only)(One card issued per policy)
You enjoy true and tangible lifestyle benefits. Accumulate points on your membership card and receive up to 30% 
on-the-spot discount from the Discount Partners (through a virtual voucher system). Feel free to view all our 
partner offerings on www.mahalas.co.za or simply phone 084 196 3733 (Std rates apply) for more information.

  Airtime Benefit (Member, Partner and Eligible Children only)
In the event of an insured person's death, the beneficiary or claimant is provided with Airtime to the value of R250. A secure pin will be sent via SMS to the nominated cell phone number. Airtime is sent within 24 hours of notification of a valid claim.

Electrosure (Member and Partner only)
This benefit provides prepaid electricity to the value of R250 per month for 3 months to the surviving family in the event of an insured person's death.

  Clothing Voucher Benefit (Member and Partner only)
This benefit provides a R1 500 clothing voucher from any Edcon or Pepkor clothing store.

  Veggie Benefit (Member and Partner only)
This benefit provides a voucher to the value of R1000, to be used at any Checkers nationwide. This benefit must be used within 6 months after date of death and can only be used within the borders of RSA. 

Terms & conditions apply.

All funeral benefits are administered by THE BEST Funeral Society (PTY) Ltd. Reg. No.1997/005812/07 and underwritten by Hollard Life Assurance Company Limited Reg. No. 1993/001405/06, both are Authorised Financial Services Providers.